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Pet First Aid

Four Herbs We Can't Live Without

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Breathe Easy with Mullein Leaf

Like your favorite down comforter, Mullein supports both hot and cold conditions - so whether you have a dry, hacking cough or wet, phlegmy chest conditions - pull up some Mullein for cozy, comforting relief.

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Tinctures, Glycerites, Elixers, and Oxymels

Plants share their healing abilities with us in many ways. But if you are new to herbalism and plant medicine, or if you have food allergies, it's improtnat to understand the differences between the most common herbal remedies.

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In Essence

Essence. It's a strange word. It's one of those artisan type words like terroir. I would say most people do not really understand it, but they go with it.

Where are we going with this?

Summer Wind

Yes indeed,,, SUMMER.
In Ben Lomond that means frequent power outages, toasty temps and the high probability of wildfires (CZU⚡️never forget).

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Relax and Restore With Natural Salves

Mullein Tinctures and Glycerites

For Your Health!

How Mullein Supports Us

How to Make Herbal Sun Tea

A Refreshing, Good-For You Herbal Infusion Made with the Power of the Sun

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Pear Blossom Flower Essence with Clear Quartz

Pear Blossom doesn't communicate with words, but instead impresses a consistent feeling, or emotion. It’s almost ethereal. It vibrates with the purest gratitude and wisdom. It feels heart-lifting. It feels like eternal love.

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Stinging Nettle Leaf Tincture for Allergies & Vitality

(Plus how to make your own).

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Get Back on Tract with this Herbal Tea Blend.

In the case of bladder and urinary tract system support, tea can be a great ally. Imagine drinking a warm, soothing beverage, whose ingredients offer powerful herbal actions.

How Bapa's Blend Works

Love your Lungs with Mullein Leaf

Learn how Mullein Leaf Tincture can support a variety of respiratory complaints.

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