Love Your Lungs with Mullein Leaf

Love Your Lungs with Mullein Leaf

Mullein Leaf is our go-to remedy for respiratory support.  Mullein Leaf supports healing from a wide range of respiratory issues, including coughing, bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as recovery from air pollution and smoke inhalation. It's a powerful expectorant and lung tonic and often recommended to support lymphatic circulationand reduce swollen lymph nodes -  boosting the immune system's ability to clear infection. Mullein is considered to be one of the safest herbs in any form - tinctureextract, or tea

mullein leaf benefits include respiratory support, relief from cough and congestion, Improves Lymphatic Circulation, Calming & Relaxing

The other really wonderful thing about Mullein Leaf Tincture is that it also has anti-inflammatory properties and is deeply calming to nerves- making it a great remedy when your chest hurts from coughing. Some folks like mullein tincture as a sleep aid and take it regularly for overall immune support. 
close up of giant mullein leaf

On an etheric level, Mullein in any form can help clear energetic congestion as well. Mullein helps us to soften, relax and open our hearts and minds (and nerves) to the lessons of life - to our karma - on an individual and collective level. Psychologically, Mullein helps to soften our inner-critic and ease overthinking. As one of my herbal teachers, Matthew Wood, writes, "Mullein is for people who think too much and congest the mind. It gives such a person a feeling like the mind is opened up to breezes on a fresh spring day.” 

Our Mullein Leaf Tinctures and alcohol-free Mullein Leaf Extract are 100% organic, hand-harvested, and made in small batches right here at Lee House. Personally, we prefer alcohol-based tinctures as I feel they reduce symptoms faster, and, especially in the case of mullein leaf, more fully extract all the medicinal qualities of the plant. However alcohol is not for everyone, so we offer alcohol-free glycerites as well! 
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