On Comfrey & Scorpio Moons

On Comfrey & Scorpio Moons

comfrey leaves and flowers


Boneset, knit-bone, mender of what’s broken.

Comfrey regenerates and heals. Her deep roots and lush crown of fluffy, paleozoic fronds are full of allantoin, a cell proliferative and regenerative - also found in placentas and mother’s milk, it makes cells grow faster. The mineral-rich roots and leaves are used in oils, salves, and creams to speed up healing of broken bones and torn muscles, bruises, and burns. It’s used in all manner of skin potions, repairing cell damage, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. Comfrey heals so well, in fact, it is advised not to use it on deep wounds, as it will heal the top skin layers faster than sub-dermal tissue, potentially trapping bacteria and causing infection.

In the garden, comfrey roots dig deep, pulling vitamins and minerals up to the surface for the other plants to absorb, transform, and alchemize. Comfrey’s lush crown of fluffy, paleozoic fronds provide nutrition for farm animals; birds and bees love her flowers. Gardeners who grow comfrey know to chop the leaves or drop in place for mineral rich compost and mulch.

Comfrey says, “let’s pull up what’s hiding deep, we will heal together.”

We are in Scorpio season now, a time to explore deep emotions and dig deep, like comfrey roots, to heal what’s broken, transform shadows, regenerate light. And, tonight’s new moon in Scorpio doubles up that energetic pull, strengthening the universal call for transformation. 

New moons are about new beginnings. Potential. But to grow, to realize our potential, we must take inventory of our darkest parts, our shadows, and pull up what needs healing. Absorb, transform, alchemize.

And so I think of boneset, knit-bone, mender of what’s broken. Comfrey.


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