Dahlia for Diabetes? New Research Shows Promising Benefits

Dahlia for Diabetes? New Research Shows Promising Benefits

Do dahlia blossoms offer a potential for plant-based diabetes control? According to a 2023 study, the answer is yes!

Dahlia flower blooms have long been coveted in gardens across the globe for their array of colors and complex petal shapes and forms. Yet, recent research has uncovered a hidden potential within these blossoms—a discovery that could revolutionize blood sugar management for millions.

Scientists at the University of Otago in New Zealand recently published an exciting study that demonstrates dahlia flower extract may have antidiabetic properties by improving insulin function in the brain. This finding offers hope for individuals grappling with diabetes and prediabetes, presenting a natural alternative to conventional interventions.

Central to this breakthrough is butein, a molecule found in dahlia petals renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. Recognizing the brain's pivotal role in glucose regulation, researchers investigated whether controlling inflammation with butein could influence blood sugar levels.

Beginning in 2015, researchers conducted preclinical trials that demonstrated the efficacy of a dahlia extract containing butein, isoliquiritigenin, and sulfuretin. These compounds exhibited the ability to mitigate brain inflammation and improve blood sugar regulation in mice.

According to Alexander Tups, a study author, "This specifically blocked brain inflammation and improved blood sugar regulation in preclinical trials."

Encouraged by these initial findings, researchers proceeded to conduct a randomized controlled cross-over clinical trial on 13 participants with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. The results? Dahlia extract considerably improved blood sugar regulation.

What distinguishes this discovery is its natural origin. Unlike synthetic compounds, the molecules enhancing the flower's anti-inflammatory effects can be sustainably cultivated and extracted, harnessing the potency of nature to address a global health challenge.

Beyond its potential in blood sugar management, the dahlia extract shows promise in improving brain function, offering potential therapeutic benefits for conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Organic dahlia petals and tubers offer a wealth of medicinal properties, from their antibiotic effects to their nutrient-rich composition, including vitamin B6, potassium, riboflavin, manganese, and copper.

Introducing LeeHouse Organic Dahlia Extract

Here at LeeHouse, we've been fascinated by the potential health benefits of Dahlia for several years. The publication of this study only confirmed what we'd witnessed anecdotally and been hearing from our customers. Our small-batch dahlia extract is sourced from locally farmed organic dahlias and extracted using classic herbalist techniques that capture all of the botanical nutrients of this remarkable flower.

As the scientific community delves deeper into the healing potential of the humble dahlia flower, it underscores the wisdom held by indigenous people and folk herbalists for centuries. As the narrative of plant remedies - and the healing power of dahlias -  unfolds—we are excited for the opportunity to share natural, affordable wellness products. It's time we take back control of our health!

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