Lovely Lemon Balm

Lovely Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is totally a gateway herb. It offers us so much support and healing for many different types of issues. It’s impossible to count all the ways one can love lemon balm. And Lemon Balm gives so much love in return!

Lemon Balm lightens your heart when you’re feeling down, eases your mind when racing thoughts, nervousness or anxiety try to run the show, and soothes your belly when it’s bubbly and cranky. This lovely little plant friend assists with insomnia, headaches, and cold symptoms in a gentle, sweet way that makes it a great remedy for kids and teens, too.

If you’d like to get to know lemon balm or need a re-stock, check out our collection of lemon balm offerings. We’ve added a seriously delicious lemon balm elixir with local-made raw honey, and we’re offering up a limited quantity of our estate-grown organic lemon balm to be used as tea or in your own herbal medicine making. Check it out (do we still need to say link in bio or do people just know that these days??).

With love from the lemon balm patch ❤️

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