Blossom into a New Era: Flower Essences to Support Transformation and Growth

Blossom into a New Era: Flower Essences to Support Transformation and Growth

Friends, we are in the midst of intense astrological energy - a great unveiling, if you will. 

We - both individually and collectively - are experiencing a shift in consciousness, moving from a focus on individualism and materialism to a greater emphasis on community, interconnectedness, and spirituality. This transition is key to our evolution as a society as much as it is for our own personal growth. It's a big one, and as with all big transitions, there are stages of growth and expansion. This Friday's Full Moon Partial Eclipse will kick off a summer of exploring our values, desires, and relationships while shedding old patterns and beliefs. We will be challenged to explore these themes through the fall - both in our everyday lives and in society as a whole

Finding a safe space to experience these transitions and flow gracefully out of old patterns into a new, fresh vibe will be essential to our emotional well being. Flower essences are one of my favorite support tools for times such as these, providing clarity and comfort; helping us stay grounded, centered, and connected to our inner wisdom.

While flower essences are not a substitute for professional medical or therapeutic care, they can be a powerful tool for emotional and spiritual healing.

Here are four flower essences to support transformation and growth:

Yarrow Flower Essence: strengthens energetic and emotional boundaries; protects against external influences that may not be in our own best interest, especially important during times of transformation when we may be more susceptible to outside energies and influences. Brings clarity and helps us see truth.

Borage Flower Essence: instills a sense of courage and confidence, helping us face challenges and move forward with purpose. Borage helps the heart open to self-love and compassion, giving us courage or heart strength as we need it.  It works with the heart chakra to restore faith, joy, and courage.

Pear Blossom Flower Essence is my absolute favorite, as if it was made just for this present moment in time. Ask me the story of how I came to discover Pear Blossom Flower Essence, and you'll understand why. I wish I could give every human being a gallon of Pear Blossom Flower Essence. Known for its ability to support emotional healing and release,  Pear is helpful for processing feelings of sadness, grief, or loss or struggling to let go of old patterns or relationships. Pear Blossom works with our corwn chakra, helps bring a sense of lightness and clarity, freeing us to move forward with renewed purpose and vitality.

Dahlia Flower Essence cultivates a sense of inner strength and resilience, helping us to find joy in all aspects of life, even the dark and sad moments. As we move through these shifts, Dahlia can help us stay grounded and connected to our inner wisdom and intuition, guiding us towards our highest potential.

I love to combine flower essences with a physical practice, especially simple breathing and grounding exercises. It grounds and connects the energy of the flower essence with the energy of my body and the wisdom of the universe. 

Here’s a super simple practice to try - in combination with working with flower essences or on it’s own.

A Simple Practice to Release the Old and Connect with Your Wisdom

  • Find a quiet, comfortable space to sit or lie down, and focus on your breath. Get comfortable, wiggle or shake or do what you need to do to settle into the present moment and bring focus to your breath. 
  • As you inhale, imagine that you are breathing in healing energy and light, and as you exhale, imagine that you are releasing old patterns and emotions that no longer serve you. 
  • On each inhale, imagine the healing light coming in through your nose and swirling deeper and deeper into your body, from your lungs to your belly to your toes. 
  • On each exhale, imagine the old, outdated thoughts and feelings hiding deep in your being, being pushed out, released and freed into the air around you. 
  • Continue this practice for a few minutes, allowing yourself to sink deeper into a state of relaxation and peace. 
  • When you are ready, let out a deep sigh, stretch your arms and any part of your body, smile to yourself, maybe even give yourself a hug, and then move about your day.
This practice can be used any time you need a re-set, before or after yoga practice or any outdoor activity where you'll be connecting with nature.

if you try any of these suggestions, or simply want to share your thoughts on these wildly transformative times we are living through, please comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


 As we navigate this time of transition and transformation, we are supported by the healing energy of nature and the wisdom of the universe. Flower essences are just one tool that can help us stay grounded and connected as we move through these changes. May we each remember the interconnectedness of all things, and the power of collective intention to create a world that functions from the heart space always. 

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