2022 Mystical Moon Journal - Now on Amazon!

2022 Mystical Moon Journal - Now on Amazon!

the mystical moon journal book floats on a background illustration of the night sky
New Book By Leslie Lee & Merrill Black, LCSW

I am SO EXCITED to announce the release of a beautiful collaboration with my friend Merrill Black @thetemperancecenter - The 2022 Mystical Moon Journal: A guide to harnessing the energy of the moon through ritual, visualization, and intuition

Merrill and I combined our shared passions for moon magic and mysticism to create a year-long journey of transformation and manifestation.

The journal offers meditations, mudras, and mystical moon rituals for each new and full moon of the year, along with reflective journal prompts and plenty of blank note pages for moon musings. We included 25 different Mystical Moon Rituals with crystals, herbs, and aromatherapy oils so you can create your own practices and manifest away!

The book is available now on Amazon, and you can learn more about what’s inside at www.mysticalmoonjournal.com.

We’ve got some fun ideas brewing for special events and workshops in the coming year. So grab your journal and join us on a Mystical Moon Journey in 2022!

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