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Comfrey Root Crown Cutting: Bocking 14

Comfrey Root Crown Cutting: Bocking 14

Grow your own fertilizer

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Comfrey is an indispensable plant in any garden. A dynamic accumulator that grows heartily in USDA zones 7-10, it's long taproot dives deep, breaking up hard clay soils, pulling minerals to the surface for other plants to absorb. It continually produces leaves from spring through fall, and is an excellent addition to your fruit tree guilds and permaculture food forests. 

"Bocking 14 Russian Comfrey" is a sterile hybrid cultivar  - it does not produce seeds. This means you can control where comfrey grows in your garden. 

Our Comfrey Crown Cuttings are sections of a comfrey plant that divided from a crown or root clump. Your cutting will consist of a root segment with one or more strong buds. Crown cuttings can vary in size, but are usually 2–6 inches long and about width of a finger. Simply plant your cutting and watch it grow!

Here are just some of the ways we use comfrey:

  • Soil building: Comfrey can grow in almost any soil and can be used as a chop and drop mulch to bring nutrients to the surface.
  • Animal feed: Comfrey is high in nutrients and can be used as a supplement for livestock.
  • Medicinally: Comfrey is fabulous for healing wounds and relieving mild pain. It is true what they say about its ability to heal broken bones! It's a key ingredient in our healing salves. 

We plant comfrey along each garden section, to easily chop and drop the nutrient-dense leaves as a feeding mulch. In addition to mulch, you can ferment comfrey leaves in water to make liquid fertilizer, or even use it as chicken feed! Add chopped comfrey leaf to your compost to speed up the decomposition process and add vital nutrients. Bees and other pollinators LOVE Comfrey.  It's a beautiful plant and truly one of our favorites.

Growing Guide

Read our Comfrey Growing Guide to learn how to grow comfrey and use comfrey for fertilizer, medicine, and more!


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