Transcend with Pear Blossom and Clear Quartz

Transcend with Pear Blossom and Clear Quartz

Plants really have quite a lot to communicate. Sometimes, their messages arrive with subtlety, like a flicker of emotion. Other times it's a loud, determined voice in my head, clearly proclaiming words that are not my own. Mullein communicates like that, which makes sense if you’ve ever seen its towering stately-ness. It commands attention, you can’t miss it.

Pear Blossom is more like the first style - it doesn’t use words, but instead impresses a consistent feeling, or emotion. It’s almost ethereal. It vibrates with the purest gratitude and wisdom. It feels heart-lifting. It feels like eternal love.

Funny enough, the three places where I spend the most time in that quiet stillness - my office, our back porch, and the greenhouse, each have a little pear tree growing right in our line of sight. It’s taken me a bit of time to tune in to them. This spring was the first time all three trees bloomed in full - and their intentions could no longer be ignored.  And thus, I humbly offer a new flower essence, a collaboration of heart between peaceful pear and purifying quartz, “Transcend: Pear Blossom Flower Essence with Crystal Quartz.

 a clear crystal quartz sits in a bowl of pear flowers on the Spring Equinox, 2022


Pear Blossom is commonly referred to as an emergency essence - one that brings calmness and clarity in crisis, and supports us emotionally during times of great change - such as grief, relationship beginnings and endings, pregnancy, moving, or starting or leaving a job. Pear helps us to see the bigger picture, a path through obstacles, emotions, and ego to embody peace, in our hearts, minds, and souls.

Transcend offers all of that, and more. It carries restorative vibrations for caretakers, healers, lightworkers, supporters, and empaths - those who are holding the light  - whether for ourselves, our families, or our collective - during these times that can feel quite dark. Transcend is harmony, cohesion, and a sense of trust that all will work out for the highest good. It feels almost angelic, lustrous, and full of love.

Our Transcend Pear Blossom Flower Essence was created on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2022, under the Moon in Libra, as the sun shifted from Pisces to Aries, all planetary alignments that full maximize the balancing effects of this potent plant spirit medicine. Pear Blossom offers its support during this time of great transformation for humanity, to help us find balance in upheaval, and to uphold grace and trust in our hearts.

Perhaps because of the subtle communication style of Pear, I’ve renamed this little potion three different times before settling on Transcend. Inner Peace, Peaceful Balance, Guardian of Light - any of those names would work. But, after working with this essence myself for a couple of weeks, TRANSCEND feels right. It feels like the medicine we need right now. Or, that I need right now…either way, it feels important.  If this speaks to you, you can find Transcend Pear Blossom Essence here.


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