Six Ways with Mullein: Explore the Healing Powers of Verbascum Thapsis

Six Ways with Mullein: Explore the Healing Powers of Verbascum Thapsis

Mullein was the first plant to tell me its name.

We’d just moved to the farm where we live now. The growing fields were, frankly, a mess. I was overwhelmed and feeling loads of regret about our decision to move to this "has a lot of potential!" weedy piece of land.

I was walking through one of the fields of foxtails having a personal pity party, when I came across this big fluffy leafed plant - a mound of green in a sea of treacherous weeds. I’d never seen this plant before. In my head, I heard loud and clear, “Mullein.” 

Well I knew of Mullein Garlic Oil, a remedy I had used when my kids were little and struggled with earaches. But I was an urban dweller then and wasn’t actually aware of what the plant looked like. So, how am I knowing the name of this plant?

There were only two answers: 
1. Mullein told me it's name
2. I remembered it from lifetimes ago

As I walked around the property a bit more, I saw two, then three, then four more of these giant fluffy rosettes. Mullein. Mullein. Mullein - the word just kept repeating in my head. At that time, our neighbor walked up to say hello. “What’s this plant? I’ve never seen these growing here before?” he said, somewhat surprised. 

I replied, “It’s Mullein.”

Mullein has been up-trending at LeeHouse (probably because I go on and on about it). So, to support the hard-working algorithms and spread the Mullein wisdom, here’s a share about why this plant is a healing superstar and deserves much more attention than it receives.

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus), with its towering stature, fuzzy leaves, and radiant spike of yellow flowers, is a majestic addition to any medicinal herb garden. But the magic of Mullein goes beyond its visual appeal; its seeds, leaves, roots, and flowers each bestow unique health benefits, touching all aspects of our wellbeing—physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

Mullein is incredibly versatile in the garden and in your home apothecary - there are lots of ways to work with mullein. Extracts, teas, essences…you can even put it in your pipe and smoke it! 

Three photo blocks, the first is Mullein flower essence, in an amber dropper bottle, the second is Breathe Easy Bundle with Mullein tincture in an amber bottle and a pouch of Mullein Leaf Tea, the third is also an amber dropper bottle containing Mullein root tincture.

Mullein - Garlic Oil: A Soothing Solution for Earaches

When my youngest was two years old, he suffered from chronic ear infections. His pediatrician prescribed antibiotics and more antibiotics - notjing worked and my poor baby was in so much pain.

I was sharing our struggles with another mom, who so matter-of-factly stated, “Did you try Mullein Garlic Oil?”

Uhhhh what???

So we tried it. It worked. Like a miracle. Within a day, months of heartbreaking suffering had ended. The ongoing struggle from the impact of over-prescribed antibiotics is another story… but the earaches were gone. Made from the delicate yellow flowers of the plant, marinated in olive oil with cloves of garlic, Mullein Garlic Oil works as a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Ironically, we don’t make Mullein Garlic Oil for sale at LeeHouse, maybe this summer we’ll start a batch. You can find reputable brands online at many natural remedy re-seller. 


Breathe Easy with Mullein Tea

Our Breathe Mullein Tea, a soothing blend of mullein leaf and other supportive herbs, is designed to promote healthy breathing and overall well-being. A warm cup can bring comfort when you're feeling under the weather, easing discomfort in your chest. Essentially, Mullein leaf is adaptable like your favorite down comforter for your lungs: it can be warming and help break up phlegm and congestion, or it can be cooling - reducing inflammation and easing tightness and pain in your chest.

Pair Breathe Tea with our Mullein Leaf Extract for enhanced respiratory support. Together, they create a comprehensive approach to help you breathe easy!


Mullein Leaf Tincture: Breathe Deeper, Live Better


Our Mullein Leaf Tincture offers a concentrated dose of Mullein's healing properties. As an expectorant, it can help loosen and clear mucus from the lungs. It also soothes the respiratory tract, providing relief from coughs and colds, and it's a powerful ally for recovery from exposure to fire smoke and other pollutants.

Beyond its physical benefits, Mullein Leaf Tincture supports emotional wellbeing by easing the stress and anxiety associated with respiratory discomfort. It's stressful to struggle with breathing - Mullein's herbal actions help soothe inflammation, break up congesting, and relax your nervous system so you can focus on healing. Consider adding this tincture to your wellness toolkit and discover how healthier breathing can enhance your life journey.

Mullein Root's Got Your Back - and more


One of my favorite herbal teachers, Matthew Wood, writes that Mullein Root is indicated for issues “below the belt,” supporting our urinary and reproductive systems as well as the structural systems of our hips and spine. It nourishes our own root system (physically and energetically), helping us to stand tall and strong, yet with flexibility. If you've ever watched a towering mullein flower bend gracefully in a summer breeze, you know what I mean by strong yet flexible.

Mullein Root Tincture balances inflammation in the womb and prostate, and is often indicated to support recovery from a hysterectomy as well as relieve symptoms of interstitial cystitis,

Emotionally, Mullein Root Tincture offers a sense of grounding, a feeling that's often associated with root medicines. This can be especially helpful in times of emotional upheaval or stress when you may feel "uprooted" or unbalanced. It’s a potent healer for the root chakra.


Shine Your Light: Mullein Flower Essence


Mullein illuminates our inner landscapes as much as it supports our physical stature and flow. That's why we've created our Mullein Flower Essence, "Shine Your Light."

Mullein Flower Essence captures the energetic imprint of the plant. As Mullein stands tall in your garden, its flower essence supports you in standing tall in your life, inspiring courage, resilience, and authenticity.

If you're seeking support during times of transition, looking to boost your confidence, or wanting to anchor more deeply in your authentic self, Shine Your Light can be a gentle yet powerful friend on your personal journey.



Mullein Leaf: Put that in Your Pipe and Smoke It


While it may seem counterintuitive, dried Mullein leaves have been smoked for centuries to promote lung and respiratory health. Mullein leaf smoke is believed to soothe the lungs, ease coughs, and promote better breathing. The practice is said to originate from indigenous traditions, where smoking mullein was used for respiratory conditions and spiritual ceremonies. Mullein leaf is often mixed with other herbs to help one transition from smoking other, less healing products (like cigarettes). We offer bulk Mullein leaf in our shop that you can add to your smoking blends, or for your own herbal teas and other healing concoctions.


Grow Your Own

Our online plant nursery offers mullein seedlings that are eager to enrich your garden. If you are already growing Mullein and want to know more about growing this magical plant, we've prepared a comprehensive Mullein growing guide for you here, and we explore the many ways Mullein supports a sustainable garden over here.

Since that first conversation between Mullein and I, my towering BFF has shared plenty more than it's name. All of its messages and musings come through in the remedies we make together - they are truly collaborative in nature. And I've since come to realize that the answer to the question of, "How did I know the name of this plant?" is both answers 1, and 2 :)

Perhaps I’ll share more of Mullein and my stories another day. For now, I’ll wrap up with saying that the healing power of Mullein, from its roots to its flowers, from physical health to spiritual expansion, is powerful, all-knowing, and as cringey-cliche as it sounds - profound. 

And with that, Mullein and I invite you to come and experience its plant medicine for yourself. Whether you're planting the first seeds in your garden or seeking the wellness benefits this plant has to offer, or perhaps feeling called directly by the bold and confident voice of Mullein in your mind and heart, our range of Mullein offerings is ready to connect with you.

With love,




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