Making Mullein Extract

Making Mullein Extract

Mullein tincture (just alcohol and leaf) and elixirs (alcohol and raw honey) like these offer so much more than respiratory support. Its nourishing and nutritious. It boosts your immune system, helps your nervous system adapt, and I am convinced it is like liquid yoga for our bodies, lengthening and strengthening our musculoskeletal bits and parts. And that is just the leaves! Truly a superplant.

Usually mullein is found growing by the side of the road or in disturbed soil next to fields—-less than ideal conditions for something we want to ingest. Our mullein is treated like royalty, praised and loved with words and birds and loamy rich biodynamic soil until it opens up and says, “harvest me.”

These mullein leaves were harvested from first year plants during the full moon. Why on the full moon? Well, just like the moon pulls in the ocean tides, it also pulls in, or up, water from the soil into the leaves. As the water moves through the plant, it carries with it nutirents and medicinal properties of the plant - loading up the leaves with all of that herby goodness. Or, in other words, we beleive that leafy plants harvested during the full moon are extra potent.

Anywho these jars will steep in the cabinet for a few months, then they are ready for sharing! If you need some mullein in your life, of course we’ve gotyou covered at 💛

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