Breathe Easy with Mullein Leaf Tea and Extract

Breathe Easy with Mullein Leaf Tea and Extract

What's a common "Weed" that is also a go-to remedy for all things respiratory? 

Like your favorite down comforter, Mullein supports both hot and cold conditions - so whether you have a dry, hacking cough or wet, phlegmy chest conditions - pull up some Mullein for cozy, comforting relief. Its calming, relaxing effects give your body a chance to relax while it heals.

You might want to try Mullein Leaf Extract or Tea:

  • If you struggle with asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, or any condition that affects breathing.
  • If your chest feels congested or you cough frequently.
  • If you are exposed to air pollution or heavy smoke.
  • If you've recently quit smoking and want to heal your lungs.

Mullein Leaf Extract and Mullein Leaf Tea may support your body’s natural processes that:

  • Reduce mucus and stimulate coughing of phlegm.
  • Soothe irritated and inflamed nerves.
  • Improve lymphatic circulation and reduce swollen lymph nodes
  • Calm your nervous system 
  • Help you achieve a deep, peaceful sleep 
benefits of mullein leaf tea and mullein leaf tincture


While Mullein is often considered a weed, we let it naturalize on our little organic farm, and harvest copius amounts of leaves all summer long. We use the fuzzy giant leaves in our Breathe Tea and Mullein Leaf Tincture or Extracts. 

If you or your family stuggle with respiratory issues, give our Breathe Easy Bundle a Try - add a few drops of Mullein Leaf Tincture or Extract to our Breathe Tea and for a powerful - but deliciously minty and vibrant -  lung-clearing remedy.


Learn more about Mullein and view all of our Mullein products here.


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